Posted by Admin | October 24th, 2014


Stephen Dent Dog Training is a business that specializes in, you guessed it, training dogs. Specifically, they specialize in creating obedient dogs without using aggressive disciplining methods. If you want to teach your dog to be obedient, the same way Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer does, then Stephen Dent Dog Training can help.


Stephen Dent Dog Training is based out of Littleton, Colorado, and headed up by Stephen Dent himself. Stephen Dent has years worth of experience working with canines to making them more obedient through a system that does not punish them. At Stephen Dent Dog Training, the staff knows that sometimes training a canine isn’t just about the animal, but also possibly about the individual or family that own them. They have to adhere to a set of rules regarding how to train the dogs.


The professionals at Stephen Dent Dog Training do not accept the adage that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. They have, many times, trained canines at various stages of their lives, including old ones. Old dogs can learn new tricks, assuming they have the right training. It is common at Stephen Dent Dog Training to teach puppies, one and two year olds, or older dogs—they all take the lessons eventually. Stephen Dent Dog Training professionals work through positive reinforcement.

Stephen Dent has been a dog lover his entire life, as were his ancestors before him, going back to the 1800s in Britain. He has always thought that life is not really complete unless there is a dog or two around.